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Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer flowers

The Delhi summer does have its blessings and for me the biggest one is the flowers - the flaming brilliance of gulmohar and the unearthly enchantment of amaltash that distracts you from the punishing weather.Years ago when I lived in a house close to an avenue of amaltash, I was moved to express my delight in a poem.

It has been published in CRICKET a children's magazine.


Golden chandeliers

under a fierce blue sky

shading me softly

from the sun’s heat

swinging serene

in the burning wind

your movement a dance

soothing weary eyes

making me forget

the scorching air

the sandpaper dust on my cheek.

It is almost worth

suffering summer’s torment

to see you bloom so gloriously.

And walk on tiptoe

beneath your shade

like a princess

under a canopy of golden lace.

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